Monday, January 11, 2010

Fruit & Granola Parfaits {sweet & easy}

Hi everybody! Hoping your week is off to a great beginning! I know that for me that Mondays can be a bit of a drag. In fact, there are many days when I want to enjoy something sweet after dinner, yet I do not have the energy to bake anything. So I though I would start a section called "Sweet & Easy", which will consist of very simple items that you can buy from the grocery store and turn into a delightful and elegant dessert. First up is a simple fruit & granola parfait. I made this one last night using: low-fat vanilla yogurt, fresh blue berries & diced strawberries(which I sprinkled with a bit of sugar, as the blueberries can be a little tart.), crushed Nature Valley granola bars, whip cream, and a mint leaf to garnish. Simply layer your yogurt, granola and fruit and then top it off with whip cream, a bit of fruit and your mint leaf. It's so good and dare I say...good for you. You can try this with pound cake, crushed ginger snaps, or even lady fingers..the sky is the limit when it comes to parfaits! I am cannot wait to try a decadent chocolate parfait of some sort next time!

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  1. yum, I also had one of those days after a long day at work I needed a treat. I took the lazy way out and pop in the health food store for some of my new favorite so delicious butter pecan frozen dessert. Your parfait looks great I wish I had some of that too!